UEFA Champions League – Higuain broke Pianic assists Juve 2-0 lead

December 8 3:45 (Italy local time at 20:45 on the 7th), the European Champions League Group H began the last one contest, Juventus at home 2 to 0 victory over Dinamo Zagreb, plot 14 Points won the first name. Higuain end of 418 minutes of the official goal scoring drought. Pijanic nearly 2 games, the first 3 assists, Lugani into the Champions League at the sub-ball. Dibala off the bench came back.Sevilla away 0 to 0 Lyon, Juventus 3 points behind, with the group second qualifying, Lyon into the European Cup.

  Juventus get ahead of the qualifying seat, but only one point ahead of Sevilla, you must win to secure the top of the group, due to Bayern, Manchester City, Paris and other teams fell into the second group, the dispute was not obvious advantages. Allegri men wounded full battalion, Bonucci, Alves, Barzagli can not be played, Li Shi Steiner did not register, Buffon, Chiellini, Hedi La and other main round off as a substitute. Allegri changed to play 3-4-1-2 formation, Manjukic and Higuain partner striker, Pianic to provide support.Missing a month of Di Bala into the lineup. Goalkeeper Neto staged the Champions League debut.

  Dinamo Zagreb is the current group of two 0 points team, is the only team without a goal, after the Champions League history of 17 teams in the group stage 0 points, the last one is last season Tel Aviv Maccabi. Bulgarians Petov is Dynamo’s third coach of the season. Jonas and Davao – Lovren suspended, Antonio Lecovic, Santos missed the injury. The defender Sidenfeld replaced the injured Binkovic back.

  Before the game for the Chapei Coennes team air silence. After the opening rhythm unhappy. Pianic volley pick biography, Higuain from the restricted area on the right side of the door 5 meters from the Tuishe Kovychovic Tuishe foot block out the far post! Manjukic right-sided spike left-foot pass in the restricted area, Pianic 6 meters in front of the head of the center Livakovic under the heart. Junoer – Fernandez closed front arc ball was Neto get, which is Dynamo first half of the most threatening shot. Pianic left the door 28 meters away from the free kick by Li Wakovic hit near corner.

  The second half began 7 minutes, Juventus to break the deadlock! Cuadrado the right low-pass, Le Mina Road break several people containment, the ball hold into the restricted area, Higuain advance the lower left corner in front of 13 meters , 1-0, this is the first Higuain 15 Champions League goals, including 13 goals in the group stage. Higuain scored 10 goals on behalf of Juventus, with 1372 minutes, Juventus in the history of the 19th ranked 19th. Ranked first place Serena took 806 minutes, Inzaghi than Higuain spent 7 minutes, ranked 20th.

  Pijanic into the restricted area on the left side of the low shot was Pavakovic Puzhuoqiqi, Livakovic by Manjukic collision can not afford, it is very painful, and then re-enter the game. Juve 73 minutes to expand the score, Pjanic right corner, Lu Jiani 7 meters before the dot pitch the door header into the top near corner , 2-0, he became the European Champions League (excluding 1992 before restructuring) first 100 goals in Italy players, had been Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, players into the “goal of a hundred people club.” Pianic nearly 2 games 3 assists.

  Sturraro replaced the Marchisio, Di Bala replaced Pianic, announced the comeback. Substitution: Hernanes in for Manjukic. Di Bala right-sided left foot shot low. Juventus will firmly keep the advantage of 2 goals to the end, 34 consecutive undefeated home games (28 wins and 6 draws).

  Juventus (3-4-1-2): 25- Neto / 4- Burnett Tia, 24 Lu Jiani, 33- Evra / 7- Cuadrado, 18 Le Mina, 8 – Marchisio (74 ‘Sturairo), 22 – Asamoah / 5 Pianic (80’ Di Bala) / 9 – Higuain, 17 – Manjukic (85 ‘Egypt Ernest)

  Dinamo Zagreb (4-3-3): 40- Oliva Yanukovych / Xi Tumu 7-, 22- Xi Jiali, 23 Xi Erdeng Rumsfeld, 19- Piwaliqi / 27 – Moro (85 ‘Martel, 25 – Kenevich, 14 – Goya (57’ Fiori Qi) / 2 – Sudani (74 ‘Stoyanovic), 24 – Joe Ricci, 11 – Junio Fernandez

It is from wodmaillots.fr – maillot de foot et maillot basket nba en gros pas chere

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