Champions League – Benzema 2 ball C Luo Zhongzhu Real Madrid 2-2 Dortmund loss of first name

December 8, 03:45 (Spain local time at 7:20 on the 7th), 2016/17 season, the Champions League Day 6 F group a focus war in the Bernabeu stadium, Real Madrid home 2 to 2 draw with Dortmund, Ben Zema scored twice, Obama and Royce scored equalizer, C Luo regret in the column. Dortmund beat Real Madrid to win the first name. Real Madrid 34 games unbeaten tournament tied team history.

  Real Madrid had 2 to 2 off the level of Dortmund, Real Madrid this time to win if the home team can still win the first name. This is the history of Real Madrid European war 30th at home against the German team, had 29 times only 3 times the defeat, the remaining 26 games to 22 wins and 4 draws, 5 of which Dortmund made 4 wins and 1 level. The Dortmund European war in the history of 11 guest war Spain team only in 1996 guest victory Atletico. J Luo and Casamillo turnover appearances.

  After opening the game with openness, Castro was forced to scrape from the left cross in Wallane, Huerle closed area arc shot higher. Real Madrid gradually into the rhythm of the game, Casio midfielder steals, C Luo heel pass, but Benzema edge of the shot was saved. J Luo right-sided free-kick, Chameleon header Gongmen out. Modrici pass, Lucas – Vazquez shot to the left of the restricted area to play high. Benzema knock back, J Luo restricted area outside the top of the arc was Weidenfeller confiscated.

  Real Madrid the first 28 minutes to get the lead, the right-sided cross-pass Kawahar, Barthele block unsuccessful, throw off the line of the edge of the small area of Benzema rush to break before Pieshikuqiang. Dortmund to strengthen the counterattack, but Barthe missed long-range, Pulisic restricted the right side of the shot is also a lack of threats. Xu Lele direct free kick shot by Navas bravely saved. Obamayuan missed the pass in the restricted area of Castro. The C Lo also missed the Benzema’s oblique.

  Dortmund continued to pressure the second half, Deng Beilai strong thrust in the restricted area to shoot the right column missed. Preici on the right side of the restricted area, Castro points before the block was saved by Navas. Real Madrid 53 minutes to expand the score, J Luo cross from the left, no posted anti-Benzema edge of the edge of a small restricted area into the net, 2-0.This is his first in the Champions League 50 goals. Dortmund the first 61 minutes to regain a city, Castro direct, Schmelzer left the restricted area on the left side of the first cross-knock, Obama Mayweather close thrust into the network, 1-2.

  Cross replaced Modric played. Moore cross from the left, but Obama Obama missed the ball far. The first 69 minutes, C Luo edge of the restricted area volley was Weidenfeller saved, J Luo out corner, Benzema front of the small restricted area header was Royce blocked in front of the door line. Barack Obama pass, Royce closed edge of the restricted area was confiscated. Lucas – Vazquez into the restricted area on the right cross, Marcelo 12 yards left foot volley higher. The first 79 minutes, Lucas – Vazquez pass, C Luo Tuishe before a small restricted area and the right column in the pop-up regret.

  Benzema replaced by Morata, home fans standing ovation. But Dortmund 88 minutes to tie the game, Obama Meiyan strong right-sided mass in the restricted area, throwing Real Madrid defense Royce 10 yards Department Tongshe break, 2-2.

  Real Madrid (4-3-3): 1- Navas; 2-Carvajal, 4- Ramos, 5- Varanelli, 12-Marcelo; 19-Modric (62 ‘, 8- 17-Lucas-Vazquez, 9-Benzema (85 ‘, 21-Moratha), 7-C-Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo,

  Dortmund (4-3-3): 1 – Weidenfeller; 26 – Pishchek, 25 – Papastathopoulos, 5 – Baltra, 29 – Schmelzer; 27 – Cass 7-Dembele, 17-Obamayan, 21-Hul (61, 9-mol); Le (61 ‘, 11-Royce)

  Another match, Warsaw Legia 1-0 home Lectra Portugal sports, the Polish team won the group will participate in the third European Cup knockout.

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