Messi 12 minutes into the hatchetman +4 assists Barcelona hat wins

December 7 3:45 (Spain local time at 20:45 on the 6th), the Champions League group C group started the final round of the contest, Barcelona has been the first home win over Borussia 4 to 0, the Champions League home 14 winning streak.The first half, Tulane assists, Lionel Messi became the first five league games this season, the first official game 20 players (18 appearances). The second half, Tulane 12 minutes to complete the hat-trick.

  Barcelona for 10 consecutive seasons won the group first name. Enrique for large rotation, only Javier Mascherano, Andre – Gomez, Messi continued appearance. Iniesta for the first time since 6 weeks starting, West Lysen, Umm Tidi, Vidal, Digne, Denis – Suarez, Paco – Alcazar, Turan also rotation appearance. Messi Barcelona on behalf of the official race to 549 games, tied for Miguel, tied for fourth in the history of the team. This is his and Paco – Alkasel first official game side by side starting. Mascherano is the 300th representative of Barcelona appearance.

  Borussia has locked the team ahead of third, will be moved to the European Cup. After seven consecutive official competition victorious, and the weekend defeat more than special formation, compared to West high, Yang Qike, Nico – Schultz, Jaen rotation appearance.

  Before the game for the Chapei Coennes team air silence. Barcelona lead the opening 16 minutes, Messi restricted Xiecha ball, knock Turan on the left, Messi 10 meters in front of left foot to promote the far corner , 1-0. He scored eight consecutive UEFA Champions League goals (7 goals, 1 assists), the Champions League this season, 12 shots into the 10 goals to become the last season C Luo (11 balls), the second single Champions League Goals to double-digit players. In 2016 the Champions League scored 13 goals, tied the record of the individual in 2012 to create. Champions League total of 93 goals, only behind C Luo 2 balls.

  Turan left pass, Messi edge of the area to stop the ball left foot shot hit the West high line, Zoomer seal the bottom line. Vidal and Dennis – Suarez right-sided destruction, the former biography was destroyed, Dennis – Suarez half-volley hit the edge of the restricted area. Tulane restricted area forefront shot was Zuo Mo confiscated. Vidal and Denis – Suarez kicked the wall with, Dennis – Suarez heel pass, Vidal right to pass in the restricted area, Messi shot before the point is Strobel denied the bottom line.

  The second half started 5 minutes, Denis – Suarez on the right into the restricted area pass, the ball hit the leg shovel cut the West high bounce, Turan door after the dot pitch hoisting 5 meters into the near corner , 2-0. In just three minutes, Messi straight, Vidal restricted the right of low pass, Turan advancing the lower right corner in front of 12 meters , 3-0! Messi and Iniesta played after the match, Paco left foot shot too close to send Zoomer.

  Iniesta replaced by Rafinha, played 61 minutes to complete the 129-pin pass.Turan 67 minutes to complete the hat-trick! Paco restricted the right low-pass, Turan 6 meters after the dot pitch the door Tui hit him Zuo Mo refraction into the near corner , 4-0, in the Champions League this season, his sixth shot is scored 4 goals, becoming Yilma (2012) and Tuncay (2004), the third in the Champions League of Turkey players. But also become Messi (7), Nei Maer, Eto’o, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo (1), 6th Champions League Barcelona hat players (excluding 1992 before the restructuring). Barcelona Champions League home this season, 15 goals, rewrite the team single session of the UEFA Champions League home team scoring record, the previous record is 2013-14 season, 13 goals, while chasing a single Champions League group goal scoring record (20 goals).

  Digner cross from the left, Messi in front of 10 meters at the top is Zuo Mo flying single hand out! Turan was replaced by Cardona, Cardona staged the Champions League debut, but he did not play center, but appeared in the sidewalk.

  Barcelona (4-3-3): 13 – West Lysen / 22 – Vidal, 14 – Mascherano, 23 – Umuti, 19 – Dignes / 6 – Dennis – Suarez, 21 – Ann Iniesta (61 ‘Rafinha) / 10 – Messi, 17 – Paco – Alcazar, 7 Turan (74’ Cardona)

  (4-4-2): 1-Zoomer / 3-Christensen, 4-West High, 24-Yang Chick, 30-Elvady / 27-Cobb, 5-Shi (72 ‘Rafael), 28-Nicholas-Schultz (59’ Fabian-Johnson) / 10-Little Azar (28 ‘Carmel) Hahn